AMP Press


  • AMP Press
  • Simulation Die
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Two adjustable rams
  • USB Drive with Software, license key and instructional video

*Does not include Seating die or computer

Minimum system requirements: 

Windows 10 or greater 

Mac OS 10.14 or greater

*Please note: Software is now supported by both Windows and Mac however iPad, iPhone and Android are not currently supported.

The AMP Press combines a motor driven ram, a distance sensor, and a load cell to deliver extremely accurate and precise Force / Distance bullet seating measurements. It is designed for use with inline bullet seating dies.
For the first time, this data can be stored and sorted according to a multitude of variables. This allows users to enhance their case preparation, so as to achieve more consistent "neck tension". It also allows users to batch their loads accordingly.

Users can create cartridge profiles and store sessions for each caliber. Current bullet seating sessions can be compared to previous ones to accurately see how loads are changing (if at all) over time.

    Features (Click to expand)

    12V Motor


    Load Cell

    Multiple rams

    Position sensor

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